Debut album - "Obsidian" - CD

Image of Debut album - "Obsidian" - CD


THE VITAL MIGHT is a celebration of vitality. From the gym and the trails, to work at their band base camp lair, to the clubs, to the city streets at night, this band brings new meaning to term “power trio” and churns out the freshest arrangements of rock since Stonehenge. Bear witness with their debut album, OBSIDIAN, a 13 song journey that takes you sailing across oceans, hoping between bars and even transforming into igneous birds.

The album was recorded in a haunted theatre at Tilton School in New Hampshire, in rock-fogged rehearsal spaces in Allston, MA, and a pristine studio with a wacky engineer, Taylor Barefoot, in Brighton, MA. Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance Audio in Cambridge, MA. Artwork by Christopher Brinkworth. Photgraphy by Aaron Dover.


Track Listing:
1. These Strange Lives Inside
2. Fly in Form
3. Bird of Black Fire
4. Mist of Crystals
5. Rick’s Leer
6. North of Bloody
7. Measure
8. Don’t Mind Me
9. Across the Obsidian Seas
10. Awkward Wings
11. Make My Day
12. Slow and Sound
13. Palillo

“Don’t Mind Me” features a guest appearance by Dana Colley (Twinemen, Morphine).